First on 12: 'New U' name could include Augusta

New U naming
University officials are reaching out to the community to choose a name for the newly-consolidated schools. (WRDW-TV / June 15, 2012)
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Monday, Oct. 22, 2012

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- Sources tell News 12 that state and local school leaders have been working on branding and naming for Augusta's "New U" in the last week.

Some of the suggested branding mentioned in private conversation included Georgia Regents University at Augusta or Georgia Regents University in Augusta.

"New U" President Dr. Ricardo Azziz is said to be "open to conversation."

The comes as the leader of a local grassroots campaign meets with Georgia's top Republican.

News 12 talked with Nick Evans this morning. He told us about a meeting with Gov. Nathan Deal and members of the Georgia Board of Regents.

Evans said the meeting was "very good and cordial."

He says he is hoping to meet with them again soon -- though no date has been set.

Evans is working with other business leaders in the community to make sure Augusta is in the name of the "New U." He says more than 10,000 people have already signed a petition to do that.

The Georgia Board of Regents will ultimately have the final say on any decision.

Gov. Deal is visiting Augusta on Tuesday for a previously scheduled event.

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