Firework safety improved the Fourth of July

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Mitzi Creel at Rodney's Rockets in North Augusta says that fireworks can be a fun and safe way to celebrate the Fourth of July, as long as they're used correctly.

Mitzi says that while the entire family can enjoy the fireworks show, everyone shouldn't be in charge of lighting them.

"I would say at least 16....but small kids 10...12...they shouldn't have any access to lighting them," Mitzi said.

Mitzi says smaller children should probably stick to poppers or wooden sparklers (the metal ones can heat up in their hands.)

She also recommends keeping a fire extinguisher or water around when you plan on starting your light show.

"You just always want to follow the precautions on the want to have some source of water around in case something may catch on fire. You want to stay far enough away from your house or whatever area you're shooting in," Mitzi says.