Festivals show Augusta's diversity

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News 12 11pm/ Saturday October 12, 2013

Augusta, Ga (WRDW)----Food, drinks, and dancing it's all part of the Greek and Hispanic festival. Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver even hit the dance floor and says come join him.

"The Hispanic festival, the Greek Festival that's just a beautiful thing to see in our community," said the mayor

Augusta has hosted four different events in the last couple weekends, but these two are all about diversity. Debi Ballas, is the chairwoman, of Augusta's Greek festival, and she says this year has been unlike any other.

"It has been absolutely overwhelming. It's one of the best festivals we've ever had," she told News12.

Food, desserts, and drinks take all the attention inside, but outside the classic Greek music takes all eyes and ears, little ones included.

A couple streets down you can find a whole new world and culture that also makes up Augusta. The Hispanic festival is celebrating it's 21st year and the mayor kicked things off. He says seeing different cultures is not only what America and the city is about, but so is he.

"I was actually born in Canada. So, I immigrated here from somewhere else when I was 4 years old. Really I think Augusta is a city and a community that embraces everybody and we are going to see that here this weekend," Mayor Copenhaver told News12.

The fun isn't over yet, so grab a plate or put on your dancing shoes, but come see the many cultures that make up one Augusta.

Both events have been going on for more than 20 years now. The Greek festival wrapped up a few hours ago for the night, but picks back up Sunday and the Hispanic festival should be winding down at 11pm Sunday according to the schedule, but it lasted until about 1 am Friday night.

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