Fans wanting James Brown movie shown in Augusta asking for Governor Deal's help

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News 12 11pm / Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Augusta, Ga. (WRDW) -- Even though James Brown made Augusta and Beech Island his home, the Get On Up movie, about his life wasn't filmed here. However, one group maybe a little closer to getting their wish of showing the movie here first. News 12 viewers were the first to learn about the big hope some fans here had, but now if the Georgia Governor, Nathan Deal, lends a hand they could reach their goal.

"This is an up hill battle, to have a premiere of this magnitude here in Augusta, Ga," but that's not stopping, Sean Frantom. He's behind the group trying to bring Hollywood here.

He says the movie should premiere in James Brown's hometown and wants the state to back him up on it.

"I've reached out to the governor's office. I've gotten feed back from Mrs. Lisa Love," he told News 12.

The department in charge of drawing movie makers to the state says they've received Frantom's request and now he's just hoping the governor will respond too.

One person who feels good about the movie being shown here first is Augusta Mayor, Deke Copenhaver.

"I'm willing to do anything I can out of the mayors office to make that happen," he told News 12.

The mayor will write a letter of support to producers and even plans on making a sales pitch to the man that leads the state.

"I'll be with the governor on Friday. So, I'll be able to ask him about it then and see where they stand on it," he said.

Getting Governor Deal up on it won't hurt, but it doesn't mean it will happen.

"It's really the studio that makes the decision, but I would hope that ultimately they would see that this is a good thing to honor the Godfather of Soul," said Mayor Copenhaver.

The decision needs to happen soon, because the movie is hitting theaters August 1st.

Click on the link if you want to bring the movie premiere to Augusta:

Click on the link for more info on Get On The Good Foot walk:

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