Fans react to R. Kelly being late, demand money back

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News 12 at 6 O'clock / Sunday, Jan. 5, 2014


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- It's a concert some folks spent hundreds of dollars on and drove hundreds of miles for but when they arrived the performer, R. Kelly was no where to be found.

The concert was scheduled to start 8 p.m. but almost three hours later, there was still no sign of R. Kelly. Eventually he did take the stage but it left some more angry than excited.

"We paid $80 for tickets," said one R. Kelly fan.

Tiffany Hill said "I paid, I got 180 dollars here."

It's money, she was excited to spend, especially to see who some call the king of R&B.

"I came here to see the R. Kelly concert, however, he did not show up," she said.

Well, he did but came out more than three hours late, leaving hundreds confused and waiting inside the James Brown Arena.

"They weren't telling us anything, they were just bringing on various acts. People that couldn't even sing, people we didn't pay to come to see," Hill said.

"We've been looking at people, we don't even know who they were," one fan said.

By the time, R. Kelly did take the stage, folks were already outside, demanding all of their money back.

"I want my money back," said one fan.

"They didn't want to give us our money back but we pushed the issue and got my money," one fan said.

Another fan, Minnie Dunn, was fired up after spending more than three hours sitting, waiting, and even falling asleep while waiting on R, Kelly.

"I've been to sleep three times in there, three times," said Dunn.

Now, she wants her money back but they aren't giving it to her.

"I was the first one at the window, and they wouldn't give me my money back," she said.

"It's a shame that we out here trying to see him and basically we get no respect for it," said Shannon Washington, who's lived in Augusta all of her life.

Others expecting R. Kelly to give a full performance were disappointed and let down.

"If I came for a show, I want an R. Kelly show, that is not the R. Kelly show." said Felicia Watson. "He's in there in jogging pants."

By the looks of it, the "happy people" at James Brown Arena Saturday night, aren't so happy anymore.

"I feel cheated, no R. Kelly," said Watson.

We're trying to support the people who come here," Washington said.

"It's too late for me, I'll have to see R. Kelly another time," said another fan.

The director of marketing with the James Brown Arena said she is aware of what went on last night and her team plans to meet Monday morning to discuss the concert and what went wrong with promoters and the artist.

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