Family stands together one year after the death of George Harvey

George Harvey (WRDW-TV)
George Harvey (WRDW-TV)

News 12 @ 11 o'clock/ Sunday, June 29, 2014

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One year ago today, George Harvey was tased five times by Richmond County deputies, until he was unresponsive. Today brings back a lot of memories for the Harvey family, some good, some tainted by what happened last year. They say they will never be able to forget what today means for their family, and their fight for justice.

Jerry Harvey is still haunted by the last conversation he had with his brother, exactly one year ago today. "I was the last person he spoke to, and he said what would you do if anything ever happened to me?" Jerry said.

That same day video shows George Harvey unresponsive after being tased by deputies in the Chevron parking lot off of Olive R Road. Now, a year after his his death, candles are lit in the same parking lot. Family and friends gathered here today to not only remember the man he was, but to never forget they way he died.

"It's not gonna be forgotten today tomorrow next year the next five ten or twenty years," said Alvera Harvey, George's sister.

She says the pain of today is intensified after learning two weeks ago that no charges would be filed against the officer who tased her brother. "It feels like my brother was sentenced to death for a crime that was never committed," she said.

Even after that set back, the family says nothing will keep them from fighting for justice for their brother. "I'm sticking behind it, that was my big brother, he would have never left me, and I'm not gonna leave him," Jerry said.

So while family and friends hug each other and pray, they reflect on everything this date stands for.

"He was a human being. He was a person. He mattered to us. He was a son, he was a father, a brother, an uncle, a cousin, a friend. He mattered to all of us," Alvera said.

The Harvey family is continuing their legal battle. They say that the next step is a protest being held on July 7th at the Federal Court House. They hope that will get their case moved up, and hopefully bring some justice for their family.

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