Family speaks out on deadly Kroger shooting

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Friday, March 7th, 2014

Augusta, GA (WRDW)- Augusta's 4th homicide of the year happened last night. 18-year-old Montravious McNair was killed. Now another teenager is is facing murder charges and six more young men are behind bars in connection with the fight.

All seven of those arrested are under the age of 20. 18-year-old Dequan Blake is facing a felony murder charge.

Richmond County deputies responded to this scene at Kroger on Deans Bridge Road where a fight turned deadly.

"That's my other half y'all took from me," said Vyneshia McNair.

There was a fight. Gunshots fired, and 18 year old Montravious McNair died at the scene.

"A life so young just taken like that," said Antonio Marion.

While deputies were working to solve the crime, family members gathered in the kroger parking lot. One was so distraught she had to be restrained. McNair's sister says she's still in disbelief.

I"'m at a loss for words. I'm still at a loss for words for myself. I'm still in shock myself," said McNair.

"I haven't slept. I haven't ate. I just can't," said McNair.

A day later, A room full of McNair's family try to cope with their loss. McNair leaves behind two sisters and a brother. They say he was close to his family and never caused trouble, and McNair and his girlfriend were actually supposed to move to Atlanta today.

"I can't believe they took my baby away from me," said Anela Pringle.

Friends and family say shootings like this have got to stop.

"I just wish these young boys would put the guns down," said McNair.

"We are killing each other. Why cant we just have a conversation," said Barbara Paul.

The family just wants justice.

"I don't want that person who murdered my brother walking on these streets freely," said McNair.

Deputies are still searching for Napolean Moss.

Another teenager was shot in the hand and he will be facing charges after his treatment.

Officials say that some of those involved in the fight were also involved in a home invasion.

Two of those arrested are also being charged with armed robbery, burglary, and aggravated assault following a home break-in earlier in the week.