Family searching for missing Jenkins County man

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, Wednesday, April 15, 2015

PERKINS, Ga. (WRDW)-- "It's kind of heartbreaking especially because you're the last person to see him alive," Debra Jenkins said.

Debra Jenkins remembers July 5th like it was yesterday. That was the day she picked up her brother-in-law, Joseph Jenkins, from the hospital and dropped him off at his home in Perkins.

"So I left him there and that was the last time I saw him," she said. "No one in his family has seen him since, he has a mother out there she doesn't know where her son is, he has brothers and sisters."

And months later, all of them are still wondering what happened. Jenkins said Joseph is diabetic and was being treated for low blood sugar. When she brought him home, he was still wearing his hospital gown, but deputies found it in his home. His family thinks he changed his clothes, left, and never came back.

"That's not a good feeling that your love one is out there could be going on and have no clue to where he's at," Debra Jenkins said.

Jenkins County deputies said they don't think Joseph was taken, either. And they said, there's been no activity in his bank account since.

"I'm really hoping that maybe he is somewhere and he has amnesia and just doesn't know who we are, that's only possible thing left," Jenkins said.

Jenkins said they try to think positive, that Joseph is still alive, but it's hard sometimes not to think the worst.

"We have our moments where we think, we have our own thoughts we think what could've happened, but since you don't have any proof you don't really want to say anything," she said.

They said whether Joseph is in a better place, or still walking around in Jenkins County, they just want to know.

"If someone did something to him I hope they have a conscience," she said. "Drop a clue, give us a hint so it could be some closure for the family,"

Thursday, September 4, 2014

JENKINS COUNTY, GA (WRDW) -- The Jenkins County Sheriff's Office is looking for a Millen man missing since the beginning of July.

The family of Joseph Jenkins reported him missing August, 28. They say on July 5, Jenkins' his sister-in-law picked him up from the hospital and took him home. He has not been seen since.

Calvin Jenkins, the missing man's brother, says his brother's bank has not had any activity since the beginning of July. He also says his brother is a diabetic.

If you have seen this man or know where he is, call the Jenkins County Sheriff's Office at (478) 982-1570.

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