Family of victim not satisfied with DUI manslaughter sentence

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News 12 First at Five / Wednesday, April 3, 2013

HEPHZIBAH, Ga. (WRDW) -- A woman now knows her fate after a judge convicted her of DUI manslaughter. Kalisa Luke will spend four years behind bars, but the victim's family says they just don't think it's enough.

Sherry Milton is the wife of Hilton Alphonso Milton, known as Tony, who was killed by a drunk driver almost 10 months ago.

"The hardest part is moving on. I have a problem with letting go," Milton said.

She remembers the night that deputies knocked on her door like it was yesterday, saying, "My first concern was, what did he do? And they said, 'No ma'am. He's dead.' And it was like at that moment, my life just stopped."

Since that night, there's been a face that haunts her thoughts.

It's the face of Luke, the woman who killed her husband.

"The night that she decided to drive drunk changed my life," she said.

On Monday, Luke took a plea deal. A judge gave her 15 years: four to be served in prison, the rest on probation, but Milton says she doesn't think the punishment fits the crime.

"The laws against people driving under the influence of alcohol need to get stricter. It's like they're getting a slap on the hand when they should be getting something else," she said.

She says Luke's decision changed every aspect of her life, even her address. She moved out of her old house a couple of months ago.

"It was just too many memories in that house. I didn't feel at ease, "she said.

While she tries to piece her life back together in a new home, she wants others who may be thinking about getting behind the wheel drunk to hear this message: "When you get behind the wheel and you're under the influence, you put everyone at risk, including yourself. You could take a life that you can't give back, and this is what happened in this situation."

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