Family members still seeking answers in unsolved murder case

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Thursday, July 10th, 2014

EDGEFIELD CO. (WRDW)- When you lose someone you love, some days are harder than others.

For one mother, today marks the four year anniversary of her son's death. Larry Sanders was shot in his home. His killer has never been found.

Time seems to stand still for this mother while her son's killer is still on the loose.

"That one bullet has changed our whole lives," said Carolyn Bates.

It was midnight four years ago that investigators say a man wearing a blue bandana broke into Larry Sander's home, started shooting, then took off. No items were stolen, but they did take Sanders' life. His mother believes that bullet was intended for him.

"At this point, four years later, I'm going to be honest, whoever it was went in there to kill my child and they did it," said Bates.

Sanders leaves behind two little girls growing up with out a father, a brother, and a grieving mother. The only things left are pictures and questions.

"Really I don't care why because there's no reason for any human being to take somebody else's life. Who? That's what I want to know," said Bates.

Bates isn't the only one searching for answers for her loved ones killer.

There are three unsolved murders from 2014 in Rchmond County, three unsolved murders in Columbia County, and in Aiken up until 2011 they're still working 7 murder cases.

Investigators say a case becomes a cold case when they've exhausted all of their leads but an investigation never ends. All three counties say no case is ever conisidered closed. They look into every new lead.

Columbia County says it hasn't had an unsolved murder in almost 30 years.

The three they have date back to 1987,1984, and 1978. Even now, investigators re-open the evidence files, hoping a fresh set of eyes will see something others missed.

"No one is exempt if it can happen to me, and I don't bother anybody. If it can happen to me it can happen to you," said Bates.

As for Bates, she just wants someone to come forward, and her hope is alive more than ever today of all days.

"God doesn't work in my time. He works in his time and I know it may be 10 years and I pray it isn't 10 years but it's going to get solved," said Bates.

Investigators say an anniversary like this can bring life back to a cold case. More people come forward with new leads. The Sanders family is hoping that will happen for them.

If you know anything about Larry Sanders' death, call CrimeStoppers or Edgefield County's Sheriff's Office.

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