Families living without water for a month

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News 12 at 11 o'clock/ Friday, Dec. 27th, 2013


WARRENVILLE, S.C. (WRDW) -- A mother is fed up after living without water for almost a month and she's not the only one. Several of her neighbors in Warrenville are dealing with the same thing, after they say their landlord stopped paying the water bill.

"The week after Thanksgiving the water was turned off," Morris said.

Two days after Christmas, there's still no water.

"It's time to come home, but I can't do that without water," Morris said with tears in her eyes. "I can't bring my son back here and expect him to go to school without a shower."

For the past month she and her 13 year old son have been living with her ex mother in law.

"It's gotten kinda hard because when you're used to living by yourself and not having to rely on somebody else to open their home for you, it's hard," she said.

Her three neighbors are going through the same thing, without anywhere else to go.

"they're having to go into North Augusta to take showers and pay to take showers," explained Morris.

She said she comes by to check everyday with the same result; no water.

"I have a place I'm paying rent for, but I cant stay in it. All my stuff is here, but I'm not," she said.

She and her son have been living in their mobile home for four years with very few problems. She said she's spoken to her landlord multiple times and he keeps telling her he's working to get it back on.

"I don't know where to go from here," said Morris.

So she called us and we reached out to her landlord. He said a leak at one home caused the water bill to sky rocket to more than 400 dollars and he hasn't been able to pay it off, but without a lease there's not much anyone can do.

"It's been a verbal agreement since November 4 years ago," explained Morris. "I've never thought of having to have a lease because I didn't think anything like this would happen."

Now while she waits day by day for her water to be turned back on, she says she's learned a valuable lesson.

"Next time there will definitely be a lease," Morris said.

The landlord said he spoke with his brother and they were hoping to get the water back on Friday, but as of Friday he says it will be Monday before anything happens.

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