Families at two local mobile home parks without water for three days

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News 12 at 6 o' clock/ December 9, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga.--People living at Raes Creek Mobile Home Park and Rocky Creek Mobile Home Park have been without water for three days.

It's becoming more than an inconvenience for families like the Shearer's.

"I had to go down and get this water from the creek so we can come flush these toilets, " Kimberly Shearer said.

They dripped their faucets Monday night before the big freeze, but still woke up to find no water.

"I figured it was frozen, so I went out with a hair dryer for almost an hour trying to defrost the pipes," Melvin Shearer said.

Now that's it's day three without water for the Shearer family, along with dozens of others, they're starting to get desperate. Red Cross came out to give a lot of residents water.

And while the hundreds of people who call Raes Creek and Rocky Creek home have been without water, management has remained pretty silent. They posted a note on the mailboxes Thursday morning, that said the water had been turned off due to the freeze. But, it didn't give a lot of details about when the water will be turned back on or what to do in the mean time .

We called code enforcement and they went to speak with management Thursday. We're told licensed plumbers are working on the problems, and those without busted pipes should have water now. They're hoping that everyone's water will be restored by Friday at noon.

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