Extra trash service in Augusta will cost somebody extra

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News 12 First at Five March, 28, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- It's been roughly a year since Augusta went to once a week trash pick up. Soon Augusta Commissioners could be making even more changes.

City leaders are considering adding a once a month pick up for tires, because we're told in some areas people are throwing them on vacant lots.

"I think the taxpayers are already burdened enough. Every couple of years, they go up on your property value so therefore we have an increase in taxes," said Karen Jones.

Karen Jones is a homeowner who's gotten use to the once a week pick up. "We are still paying the same price for once a week service and that was something that I really didn't agree with but once a week is effiecent," said

"They will pay just like anybody else would, whether they put trash out there or not," said Commissioner Corey Johnson.

Commissioner Corey Johnson is talking about the $155 fee property owners are charged whether they have trash on their lot or not.
City Environmental Officials say the county is charged $26,000 a month for collection of vacant lots, condemned properties and abandoned homes.

"We are trying to make it fair. We don't want to assess them with those fees. We are looking at revising that portion of the contract," said Johnson.

He went on to say there could be an extra cost for adding an extra route for tire pickup. It's something Jones doesn't want to see on her bill.

"I don't think the taxpayer should have to pay for it unless it's on their property. the property owner should be responsible."

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