Erosion problem looms at Greeneway as crews work to clear ice storm damage

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News 12 at 6 o' clock/ February 20, 2014

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C.. (WRDW) --The Greeneway in North Augusta, popular for its tree canopied trails, lost a lot of that shade during the ice storm.

Crews have been working since Tuesday to try to clear all of the fallen limbs and tress from the trail.Officials say they still have about two weeks of work ahead of them.

Rick Meyer, Director of Parks Recreation and Leisure Services for North Augusta, says he's never seen damage like this.

"Like an absolute war zone. Trees, limbs, all over the Greeneway. Just a mess," he said.

The Greeneway is living up to its name since the ice storm, with a carpet of green pine needles everywhere you look.

Bill Waters bikes 8 miles a day on the Greeneway, but the past couple of days, his path has had a few road blocks.

"The Greeneway is my highway to work," he says.

He's seen crews out working diligently since Tuesday, clearing the path to make his commute a lot smoother.

"Parks and Rec and the city have been very responsive in this time of crisis. They deserve some congrats," he said.

Even though a lot of the damage on the path is being cleared, runners and bikers still need to be careful of dangling limbs and leaning trees above.

"That's something we're going to be doing over the next 2 or 3 weeks with a bucket truck. Trying to come through here and take care of stuff overhanging," Meyer says.

But, as soon as all of the wreckage from the ice storm is clear, the city is going to have to start looking into fixing a bigger problem along the Greeneway.

"Over time, mother nature, especially with all the rain we've had in 2013 and now these ice storms, you've got some serious erosion going on," Meyer says.

You can see where clay has washed down the steep embankment and it's beginning to be a problem for neighbors up above.

"It's something engineers will be looking at. It's obviously something we're going to have to address in the near future because if you look up the banks, you see the back of people's yards," Meyer said.

It's a problem that gets worse with every storm, and the tree roots dislodged from the soil during the ice storm certainly didn't help.

True North Church will be sending about 100 volunteers to help clean the Greeneway this weekend.

The Friends of the Greeneway group will also be gathering on March 1st at 8 am to help clean as well.

If you're interested in helping, meet at the Riverview Park Activities Center.

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