Elementary school students get excited about fitness

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News 12 This Morning/Friday Nov. 1, 2013

Students are getting excited about fitness at Lewiston Elementary School.

In partnership with Boosterthon, for 9 days, the entire school has been focusing on building healthy habits as they prep for the school wide Boosterthon Fun Run.

"Boosterthon is pretty much a school-wide fitness event for the students," said PE teacher Ryan Morningstar. "And it's just a positive event to take part in. Everybody gets to be included. Everybody gets a t-shirt. Everybody does the fitness activities."

Morningstar has been at Lewiston for 11 years now.

He says since partnering with Boosterthon, students have become more engaged and proactive about fitness.

"We even see the students in the hallways come up and say 'hey, I was able to do this challenge last night.' So, when you see that kind of thing, without them being prompted...that's great," he explained.

Along with fitness education, students also learn about leadership and building character.

"Such as showing sportsmanship, we want to stick together, we want to respect others---don't bully," explained Jackson Webber.

Webber, an experience leader with Boosterthon, says they've seen a tremendous impact on the students they work with.

"When they pour into the vision that we're pouring into their school, we've seen such a change in the culture, in the atmosphere, the teamanship," he said.

And not only are they learning--they're raising money for their school.

Morningstar tells me all money raised from Boosterthon is going toward school-wide WIFI and new technology for every classroom.

"A lot of fundraisers, the kids don't really get anything in return," said Morningstar. "They're kind of like the middle man. But with Boosterthon, it's just a great way to raise funds for our school and pass on some valuable information to the kids."

Aside from Lewiston, two other schools in our area are holding Boosterthon Fun Runs--Greenbriar Elementary and Blue Ridge Elementary.

For more information on Boosterthon, click the link below.

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