Elementary school holding career fair to engage parents

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News 12 This Morning/Friday Oct. 11, 2013

"We just wanted something that was relevant and unemployment is something that a lot of families are facing right now so we wanted to help them in that," said Vanessa Delgado, a Pre-K teacher who's on the parent engagement committee.

So, A. Brian Merry Elementary is hosting a career fair as part of the school's Parental Engagement program.

Delgado says getting parents involved can be vital to student success.

"We'll have programs and things like that and when the students know their parents are going to be part of the program, it just adds excitement," she explained.

On Monday, more than a dozen eligible employers employers will be here to talk with parents.

"We want to do all we can to help the parents and their family lives to do what they can at home," said Roy Frierson, the school's Parent Facilitator.

Frierson says they try to hold events for parents and the community's benefit at least once a month, but that in the end, the events ultimately benefit the students.

"Because they're the ones in the position to really make a difference personally in their child's lives so all of us working together can produce a very heavy product, we think," he explained.

The school's Parental Engagement department falls under Title I, designed to "strengthen and expand" parents involvement in low income schools.

And both Frierson and Delgado say it's a federal program that's working.

"[It makes them want to succeed in whatever they're doing to make their parents proud," said Delgado. "My little ones, that's the world to them."

"It's rewarding to me because we live with our future here," said Frierson. "Every teacher does, every educator does, we are living with our future."

Frierson tells 12 the district has had to make adjustments because of the government shutdown, but so far, no major impacts have hit A. Brian Merry yet.

The career fair is at A. Brian Merry Elementary School on Monday evening.

Here's the breakdown of the schedule:

- 4:30 pm: Resume Workshop
- 5:30 PM: Interview Tips
- 6 pm - 8pm: Career Fair

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