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Edgefield County man killed in shooting

Mug shot of Tammy Boatwright
Mug shot of Tammy Boatwright
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News 12 at 6 O'Clock / January 30, 2011

TRENTON, S.C. -- A weekend shooting has left an Edgefield County man dead and a woman arrested in the case. This crime marks the county's first murder of the year.

Coroner David Burnett says deputies were called to the 1100 block of Augusta Road late Saturday night. Don Robert Boyd Jr. was shot twice in the chest and died at the scene around 11:25pm, he says.

Neighbors say they heard three gunshots at exactly 11:17 last night. At first, they thought someone in the area was hunting. But after they heard emergency sirens only moments later, they knew something was wrong.

Keith Sexton has been a council member in Trenton for more than thirty years. "I'm shocked! It's hard to believe something like that happening in a small county in this area."

He says they rarely hear of much violence, let alone a murder. "The most crime I ever read about is over in the Southern side of the county. It seems like every day I read about another burglary, another robbery or something like that going on." But not in small-town Trenton, he explains. "I don't think there's much going on. It's basically a small quiet area here in Trenton is real peaceful and all."

Neighbors and family members say they witnessed Tammy Boatwright being arrested for the shooting. They say she is related to the victim, Boyd. Family members of both the suspect and the victim live at the house where the shooting took place. They weren't comfortable commenting further because they're not sure exactly what happened.

Sexton says, "You know family problems, those things are terrible. I hate that this one ended the way it did."

The Edgefield County Sheriff's Office confirms Boatwright's arrest. She is being held at the county jail on a murder charge.