Earn freebies and coupons for recycling in Augusta

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News 12 at 6 o' clock/ July 17, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga.--You've heard for years that recycling saves the environment. But, the benefits of rinsing out all of those plastic bottles can sometimes be hard for you to see for yourself.

A program in Augusta is giving you some tangible reasons to recycle more. The more you recycle, the more points you build for free coupons. Solid Waste has teamed up with a program called Recycling Perks. You just register your address for free on their website at http://www.recyclingperks.com to get started.

It's a program Valerie Brown is excited to try. She says she's recycled for years to help the environment, but she wouldn't say no to a few perks for her troubles.

"That would be really nice," she says.

It doesn't really matter how much you recycle. They count your points when you put your bin out. Just recycle what you can during the week, and roll your recycling cart to the curb. They'll scan it, and each time, you get 25 points towards your perks.

As you build points, you can cash them in for perks. For example, 75 points gets you a free appetizer at P.F. Chang's. Christina Paris works for Recycling Perks, and she says, there are dozens of local options for you to cash in on.

"$5 dollars off to several different restaurants. You can get your hair highlighted for 50% off. There's some really great deals!" she says.

To build points,all you have to do is get your bin out to the street, and the truck does the rest. A sensor on the recycling truck sends a message to a computer that tells recycling perks your bin was picked up. If you don't have a recycling bin, you can call Augusta 311 at (706) 821-2300 and request one.

"As long as you have a solid waste cart, it's already included in what you pay on your taxes every year," Paris says.

If you already recycle, it's a great reason to continue. If you don't recycle, it's a great reason to start.