EMA personnel preparing to monitor roads

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- The National Weather Service is in town and will be briefing the Richmond County emergency personnel staff.

Tuesday night, Richmond County emergency personnel will start working 24-hour shifts. All essential staff will be working around the clock and so will the road crews.

"It's better to be over prepared than under prepared," Tameka Allen, interim administrator, said.

In Atlanta last time around, the highway looked more like a parking lot. Some say it's a picture of what happens when you don't prepare.

Emergency personnel will spend the night to monitor conditions. Road crews have prepared dozens of trucks with salt and sand ready to hit the streets.

"We had our meeting and discussed everything," Allen said. "We wanted to make sure we have a plan with shelters identified in case we have to accommodate everybody."

"I got a notification from the National Weather Service," Mie Lucas, the emergency personnel coordinator, said. "The graphic shows about an inch of ice accumulating just in our area. I want to make sure our timing is right."

All Richmond county offices are closed tomorrow. There will be no trash picked up in Augusta and the landfill will be closed, too.

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