Duhart Baptist Church holds annual burial ceremony for more than 21 unborn infants

Memorial candles
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News 12 at 11 o'clock / Saturday, Nov. 17, 2012

WRENS, Ga. -- Kim Cain made a decision earlier in life that would forever change her.

"I have one child that is in heaven now that is a daughter that I aborted in a crisis pregnancy as a teenager," she said.

But today is a healing day for her and for many others. Duhart's burial ministry held a small ceremony to say goodbye to unborn infants. They buried 21 babies, released balloons and laid down roses.

"It's honoring and recognizing that these were souls and giving them a place, a burial on sacred land," says Duhart Baptist Church Pastor Timothy Pendrey.

Pendrey says the burial ministry is a good way for people who have lost loved ones to reflect.

"We're really trying to get in with the children and their families to just bring them closer," he said.

The ministry does not only give people a chance to look back, but Cain says it plays a big role for people who are feeling pain she once felt.

"There is such a need for people to be able to revisit the lost of their children," she said. "It helps to bring closure to the grief that they have been carrying for so long for so many years."

Cain is in a better place today because she was able to revisit her past.

"I am healed and set free, and God has redeemed and I've had a beautiful healing process," Cain said.

Pastor Pendry rents out a spot at the church as a memorial to the unborn babies.

Today marks the second anniversary for the Duhart ministry burial ceremony.

For more information on Duhart's burial ministry, call (706) 825-2760.

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