Drug use on the rise among area high schools, prompts robo calls to parents

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News 12 First at Five / Friday, October 25, 2013


North Augusta, S.C. (WRDW) - Down the halls and around every classroom corner .

There's talk a lot of bad things.

"You do hear a lot of things," says one teacher at North Augusta High.

And that talk has prompted administration to spread the word.

"A lot of parents, most parents, aren't going to believe their child, is one that would take a prescription drug," said Jane Kaplenski, the guidance director at North Augusta High.

But it's happening at there school. And maybe even at your child's school.

"It's something that we're concerned about and we want parents to know what to look for," said Kaplenski.

She is behind the latest robo call sent out to parents of students at North Augusta High this week.

It told them about an important session about some troubling new trends.

"We made it broad and just said we want parents to learn about trends that might be affecting their student," she said.

The big talker is prescription drugs, and it's a popular choice among teens.

"That surprised me, because I didn't see that here but now, within the last year or two, we are starting to see it more," said Kaplenski.

And teachers like Jane Monroe hear about it too.

"Kids talk about like the drugs for ADHD, selling those types of drugs," said Monroe.

Those drugs are easier than ever to get a hold of.

"Drugs that are coming from parents cabinets, medicine cabinets," said Kaplenski.

But the abuse is even hard to catch.

"Some days, you do see a different behavior pattern, we talk about a lot as teachers," said Monroe.

The hope for Monroe and Kaplenski is that the talk will end up at home, putting parents on the front lines.

"We just want parents to know and parents to help us," Kaplenski said.