Dress code enforced at Fort Gordon

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News 12 6PM/ Monday August 23, 2013

Fort Gordon's main gate.

Augusta, GA (WRDW)--- "I was like wow," said Alima Mims about the dress code at Fort Gordon.

"I go to Fort Gordon maybe once or twice a month," Mims told News12.

His friends live and work on post and even though he doesn't-- he will now have to follow the same rules--they do.

"I think this is a bit extreme," said Mims

He says saggy pants, slippers, and pajamas have no place outside the home, but thinks the hat rule is a bit ridiculous.

"Say for instance you are working out-- I wear my hat backwards when I work out. So, now I guess I can't go into Fort Gordon, if I wear my hat backwards, I need to wear it forward," he said.

Wearing your hat backwards isn't the only thing that will get you in trouble. Shorts must be conservative in length and suitable for casual wear. Ribbed undershirts or tank tops with large arm openings are also a no-no.

"I go to Fort Gordon because that's mainly my life," said Chantay Griswold

Griswold says for two years she's been shopping, visiting doctors, and even going to the cleaners all at Fort Gordon-- and while that's always been great--she says sometimes people can ruin it.

"It's inappropriate to go into the commissary and people walking around with their body parts hanging out and you have little kids with you--we should set a better standard," she said.

Officials on post say,"Standards of dress and appearance for everyone should reflect a sense of professionalism and pride". And while some ask why now? Griswold says being at war sometimes takes focus away from rules that have been around for years.

"We're letting the small things slip through when we should be paying more attention," she told News12.

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