Dr. King celebration at First Presbyterian Church

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News12 at Five o'clock/ Jan. 20, 2014

Augusta, Ga----(WRDW) Hundreds of people, joined together in downtown Augusta today to be part of the 25th CSRA Memorial Anniversary celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. Augusta's First Presbyterian Church was host for this years service.

"It's hard to put a percentage. We've come so far but have a way to go," said Pastor Charles Goodman.

Hundreds filled the pews as choirs sang and preachers prayed. It was a who's who at the First Presbyterian Church in Augusta. Judges, U.S. Congressmen, the Mayor and a commissioner who wants to take the mayor's place joined a host of others for one reason Dr. King.

"We are so honored that people are coming out and supporting. It's an honor for our church to host this. We love our community and we love our Lord Jesus Christ very much," said Reverend John Franks.

"I think you have people that are committed and are trying to make this our collective dream. It cant' be just Dr. King's Dream. It was to be our dream before it becomes reality," said Pastor Goodman.

Dr. King is quoted as saying Sunday morning is the most segregated day of the week. On a Monday that wasn't the case, because whites and blacks sat together to celebrate.

"It's still hard. Hopefully and prayerfully, we can not just worship together but begin to work together and live together. I think that's our ultimate aim," said Pastor Goodman.

"That's why we are apart of this. We believe that when Jesus prayed we as the body of Christ would be one. Jesus broke down that wall of hostility that divides races," said Rev. Franks.

Some in attendance said the picture of the inside of the church would have made Dr. King smile.