Dozens of road projects planned to improve traffic, safety


News 12 at 11 o'clock / Monday, Aug. 19, 2013

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- There's a four-page list of all the projects coming to roads near you -- some part of the TSPLOST, others federally funded -- but all to make you safer.

"Especially making this one turn, turning on Tobacco Road, I've almost gotten hit by big trucks plenty of times," explained driver Mya Eatmon.

Eatmon drives Mike Padgett Highway every day to and from school.

"It's very busy. It's very dangerous as well," she said.

Traffic experts are working to change that. The plan is to widen the road and add left turn lanes on Mike Padgett Highway from Tobacco Road down to Bennock Mill.

"We've had several fatalities over the last several years on that stretch of highway," said Paul Decamp, deputy director for Planning and Construction.

The project along Mike Padgett is just one of pages and pages of intended road projects in our area. They'll be widening roads and upgrading intersections and bridges. One of the biggest projects is extending River Watch Parkway.

"The project will extend River Watch Parkway where it currently ends at Baston Road and connect it to Washington Road," Decamp said.

Running parallel to the ever-busy Washington Road, experts hope this change will give you another way across town.

"It's going to help take some of the traffic that currently travels Washington Road into and out of downtown Augusta. That project will make a fairly sizable difference," Decamp said.

These are all changes we should see in the next year or two, increasing the lanes and safety down the road.

Some of the other big plans include widening Windsor Spring Road from Tobacco to Willis Foreman Road and adding lanes to Washington Road in Columbia County where it's now only two lanes. Decamp says construction on that could start as early as next year.

Some of these projects are only months away from construction, others are years away.

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