Downtown businesses serving up for those still without power

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News 12 at 6 O'clock / Saturday, Feb. 15, 2014


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- A warm meal is hard to come by for many folks in Augusta.

"There are still people without power unfortunately," said Darby Carpenter, the General Manager at Farmhaus Burger in downtown Augusta.

No way to cook, or keep food from going back.

Carpenter feels great knowing, he can serve up a little comfort, for those still left with no power.

"There's really no way to prepare for the weather," he said.

First a snow storm, then the "catastrophic" ice. To top it off, a shaky 4.1 size earthquake hit the CSRA late Friday night. Enough weather to have anyone questioning, what's going on with mother nature?

"With the ice storm, even with all of the warnings that everyone got, hey this is going to be a big deal," said Carpenter.

By Tuesday night, most of Augusta was at a stand still but not downtown.

"A lot of the businesses on Broad street were able to reopen for soon," Carpenter said. "Fortunately be in business and feed a lot of people in the downtown area that didn't have power."

Not just downtown, but the entire Augusta area. Carpenter says folks all the way from Columbia County, showed up looking for something to grub on.

"People from west Augusta and other parts of Augusta that don't live downtown, that are staying over at the Marriott and different hotels down here," he said.

Up and down Broad Street, the traffic lights still up and running, many looking for a warm place to eat and just relax.

"Even with all of the warnings with the ice storm, I don't think everyone took them as serious as maybe they should have," he said.

Even his restaurant took precautions like most other businesses in the area, Closing for a day to allow all of the ice to melt away.

But he knows downtown was and is the place to be if you're still in the dark.

"So many great restaurants downtown are open serving and a lot of people still don't have power," Carpenter said.