Downtown Augusta preps for Masters week patrons

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News 12 at 11 / Friday, April 4, 2014


Augusta, Ga. (WRDW) -- Another Masters week is about to tee-off. This weekend Augusta will start opening its doors to hosting thousands of people from all over the world. The city isn't the only one preparing, local businesses are getting ready too. News 12 spent some time downtown to see if restaurants and bars are feeling the Masters week push now.

The sound of bottles clinking and beer trucks parking in the middle of downtown is a sign Augusta is preparing for the masters.

"It's rough man. It's hectic," is how Zacariah Benton describes work on a beer truck--the Friday before golf takes over the city.

"Everybody is ordering Masters orders. I mean you get so much more stops than what you had last," he told News 12.

Last Friday Benton had 25 stops in Downtown Augusta, but this Friday his deliveries have doubled.

O'Donovans, a new Irish pub downtown, is about to experience it's first Masters week. They really don't know what to expect, but they are hoping for the best.

"Make enough sales to put us past our goals for the entire year," said the manager.

No telling how much the bars will pull in this week, but Augusta's Convention and Visitor's Bureau says, a lot of the businesses and restaurants bring in enough revenue during Masters week to equal a 13th month of the year.

Bars aren't the only ones getting ready to tee-off for the week, so are event organizers like, Karen Gordon.

"Look forward to Masters week all year. We have an influx of people coming through and a lot of excitement about Augusta," she told News 12.

Gordon's Par-Tee On the Green starts Monday afternoon at 5, at the Augusta Common. She's hoping visitors from around the world will find their way downtown after a long day at the course.

Most places downtown are expecting head counts to increase each night of the tournament-- with the biggest crowd next Friday and Saturday night.

For a list or events going on in Augusta click the link below:

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