Downtown Augusta hit hard by sleet and ice

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News 12 First at Five / Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Augusta, G.a. (WRDW) -- The sound of trouble and danger falls down from the sky. Inches and inches of sleet and freezing rain pumbling the ground.

"Why would Anybody want to be out here anyway, it's crazy," said Fred Rueggberg with lives in Augusta.

Many folks in downtown Augusta, have spent tireless hours cleaning up a mess, trees down left and right.

"It's like rifles going off, you can hear these big limbs snap," he said,

One fell in front of Fred home on Richmond Avenue.

"We just looked out and it had fallen and gotten right in the middle of the road," he said.

He and his neighbors, even our news 12 camera man, used their strength, to get it off the road, giving crews from the city of Augusta, an easier task when they arrived.

"Trees, limbs, hanging limbs, just getting them out the road," said a worker with the City of Augusta.

All to prep for what could be a catastrophic night.

"Things are going to start going wrong," said another neighbor.

It already has For most on the hill and in downtown.

"Came back on, went off again," said Jimmy who lost his power.

And it stayed off. Not good news for him because he lives with his 80-year-old mother...

"She can't make it, it'll be too cold," he said.

He and others are just thankful for crews out today, braving the weather, to keep power on and the roads safe.

"These guys are out and on it so if something happens, it's short lived so you get to enjoy the adventure," said Rueggberg.