Dog found, reunited with family living 1,200 miles away

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Friday, Jan. 17, 2014


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Two days ago the Clark family got the call they've been waiting for.

"When she said she was from the Highland Animal Hospital my heart kind of skipped a beat," Kate Clark said.

It was almost 10 months ago to the day that Kate Clark's beloved dog went missing. After moving from Augusta, Georgia to Augusta, Maine they thought they would never see little Finn again.

"We're wondering what if he came back to the house and we weren't there and that type of thing," said Clark.

Lucky for them Brittany Addison spotted him just two days ago.

"He just stopped in the middle of the road and I looked to see if anyone was in their yard and there wasn't so I opened my door and came and got right in the car," said Addison.

Addison rushed Finn to the vet where he found his microchip.

Dr. Jamie Herndon said, "Most of the time if they get their way back home it's because of a microchip."

Once they found the chip it helped them find the owners who contacted a friend to arrange the reunion.

Clark's friend Amy Moak said, "He was the center of the family. He was the one that everyone loved the most."

"I'm excited that his owners were able to be found and I'm excited that a little girl is going to be very excited when he gets back Maine," said Addison

Clark's daughter Olivia said, "We're going to treat him like a king."

The family hopes they will be reunited with Finn Monday afternoon.

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