Doctors see unusual injuries during ice storm

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News 12 First at Five / Friday, Feb. 21, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- The ice storm did more than just break branches it also broke some bones.

News 12 talked to doctors from GRU's emergency room about injuries and how to possibly prevent them in case we go through this again.

"Storms in general and natural disasters provide a lot of environmental changes that we are not used to," said Dr. Natalie Lane.

Lane runs the Children's ER for GRU hospital. She says last week's weather wasn't just rare for our area-- it also brought some unusual injuries.

"Episodes where getting on sleds ended up in minor disasters. Which included large lacerations that required operating room time," she said.

She said injuries don't just happen outside the home, they can also happen inside. This especially happens when parents are trying to fix things that were damaged by the ice.

"A person had to take care of what was going on in his attic and a child followed him and unfortunately feel through the roof," Lane said.

The doc says it's hard to predict the weather, but moms and dads need to think ahead especially if their kids have health needs.

"Recognize the need for an emergency plan and get ahead of the ball game. Include electric back up and medications and plan on how to feed their children with special diets," Lane said.

Down the hall ER Director, Dr. Richard Schwartz, agrees with the pre-planning but says his doctors typically treat different injuries.

"Individuals being out in the open where limbs can fall on them, ice can fall and certainly we see things like chainsaw accidents," he said.

Schwartz says the city's quick response helped prevent some of these accidents, but with Friday's rain and wind-- we all need to stay alert.

"Many of the tree limbs have been weaken and broken and now with heavier winds there's a high likely hood that they will be coming out of the trees," Schwartz said.

Between Wednesday and Friday, the GRU emergency room saw 596 patients.

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