Dispatchers put new feature to work

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Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

Richmond CO, (WRDW)- Dispatchers said they get more than 2,000 calls every single day, but they haven't just been listening to your emergencies. They've also been listening to you about something else, and now they're putting your ideas, and some new technology to work.

"Augusta 911, what's your emergency?"

The first thing you used to hear when you called 911.

Then, "What's the telephone number you're calling from?"

And the next question, "What's your name?"

Now, you might not hear those questions in that exact order.
The dispatch director says they had some negative feed back from callers. They didn't really like the questions. So now responders have more flexibility.

"So if you called with a particular circumstance, and we could deviate from the assigned questions to get directly to the point then yeah let's do it," said Dominick Nutter, Director of Augusta 911 Center.

Some people tell dispatch response time wasn't as fast as they'd hoped. The Richmond County Sheriffs Office, Fire Department, and 911 Dispatch Center came together to fix the problem.
One way is dispatch can now keep tabs on deputy cars and fire trucks.

"Before we were going by who had that assigned beat. Now, we have a distinct advantage in that that if something happens we can see if there's an officer that is very close to it, and actually dispatch him to that particular call," said Nutter.

The GPS that all Richmond County deputies have now is links with the Dispatch Call Center, and dispatchers can track a deputy vehicle and send them to the closest location for quicker response times.

"it's a win win for first responders, and a most importantly for the citizens of the county," said Nutter.

Deputies said it's already working. Last Friday, when James Brown's daughter Venisha was stabbed help got there in less than a minute.
Amy Pittman noticed. The mother of 3 lives a few doors down and said it was comforting to see deputies get there so fast.

"When we looked out the window we saw a lot of police and they seemed to respond quickly and handle the situation," said Pittman.

She said she's had to call 911 a couple of times.

"It's comforting to know if we need them they'll be here," said Pittman.

The last thing you hear in a 911 phone call, "An officer will be dispatched as soon as possible."