Disabled veteran needs help keeping yard clean

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Monday, May 19th, 2014

North Augusta, SC (WRDW)- Weeds, tall grass, and trash surround Jimmie Howie's home, and the city of North Augusta wants it cleaned up.

"That's as wide open as I can make my hands. That's as closed as I can make my hands. That's my movement of my hands," said Jimmie Howie.

Howie is a disabled veteran, and his arthritis is the reason he can't clean his yard,
let alone leave this room.

"I've been sitting in this room pushing 10 years, going nowhere, and doing nothing. What hurts me is that I'm disabled. I can't do anything," said Howie.

He's gotten several notices from the city for an overgrown yard,
rubbish, and a dumpster that needs to go. He can't pay fines, or pay anyone to help him.

"I took that notice, and went out, and tried to hire people, but I could not pay people to do the work for me," said Howie.

Not doing the work could land him in court and cost him thousands.
He's facing a 1500 dollar fine every day.

"The city is doing right in which you have to have these things for things to be right and good. It's just rough on me when I can't do anything about it," said Howie.

The Augusta Warrior Porject came out to see what they can do. They usually help veterans with education, employment, benefits, and housing, but when they get a call for help they'll come out.

"It doesn't matter how long they served, when they served, whether they've been injured or not injured. Anyone who's raised their right hand are the people we serve here in our local community," said Kim Elle, the Executive director of the Aiken/Augusta Warrior Project.

The Augusta Warrior Project has helped thousands of veterans in the area, and they say the best thing people can do is reach out to them if they know someone who needs help. You can reach them at 706-951-7506.