Disabled man brutally attacked and is fighting for his life

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Monday, March 31st, 2014

Edgefield CO (WRDW)- Anne Tabb drives down this road every sunday to pick up her friend Greggory Wallace for church. She honked the horn waiting for him to come out as usual, but this past sunday and he didnt show up.

"So I walked up and I knocked on the door and I said Gregg are you here? I had a feeling that something was wrong when I saw that wallet right by the door. I said something's gone on," said Anne Tabb.

She went inside the home to check on her friend, and the scene she found was horrifying.

"In amaze, I said oh my God. He's been knocked out, beaten. He was just in a pool of blood" said Tabb.

Outside, the house is blocked off with crime tape because of what she saw inside.

"Over by the TV there's a knife on the floor and by the rug there were blood stains," said Tabb.

Wallace is disabled and lives alone. Tabb was the first person to find him, and she says she has no idea how many hours the 42-year-old was laying there unconscious.

"His wheelchair was jammed up against the couch and the table and on that door there was blood," said Tabb.

Wallace was in a car accident years ago, leaving him with limited mobility. Tabb says he's been doing better and walking with a cane,
but she says he rarely left this house.

"I think the only time he had opened that door was when he was getting ready to go to church," said Tabb.

Tabb hopes she'll be able to pick him up for church once again.

"I hope he makes it. I know it's been terrible for him," said Tabb.