Dips in gas prices cause some to change 4th of July plans

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Thursday, July 4, 2013

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WRDW) -- Holiday travel is underway, but before cars can hit the road, they have to hit up the gas pump.

David Read's journey started in Atlanta, but it won't end in South Carolina.

"We are going into North Carolina, which is about 540 miles from Atlanta -- about 400 miles from here," Read said.

And instead of filling up before a trip like many others do, Read did something else.

"Stop to get something to eat, but decided not to get gas because it's cheaper in South Carolina," he said.

The state has the lowest gas prices in the nation, but over in Georgia, it's another story. Within miles of each other, two stations had a price difference of almost 38 cents. Which is a difference of almost $10, depending on the size of your gas tank.

However, it's not just people driving from Atlanta into South Carolina that took advantage of the low gas prices; it's also folks in Augusta. Many drove across the river to save some bucks.

"I'm going down to Savannah here in a few moments," said Herman Robinson.

He says he didn't plan a road trip for the holiday, but that all changed Thursday morning.

"The change in price for gas is what made me want to take the trip," he said.

Robinson drove 20 miles to fill up, and while many experts would say that's too far of a drive for a couple of cents in savings, Robinson says he doesn't care. He says he did it for one reason.

"The lowest price I've been able to get in gas is in South Carolina," he said.

And while Robinson only saves a few cents for getting gas in North Augusta, Read says he understands because every penny counts.

"About 60 cents a gallon," is what Read said he would save by filling up in South Carolina.

A gas expert told News 12 that we should all enjoy these prices while they last because it's hard to predict when they will spike up.

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