Deputies investigating Warrenville Cemetery vandalism

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Monday, Dec. 9, 2013

AIKEN COUNTY, SC (WRDW) -- Aiken County deputies are looking for the vandals who knocked over tombstones at the Warrenville Cemetery Monday.

"Its just a never ending battle," says Warrenville Community Christian Council President Robert Boone. "I ride through here every day but a lot of days, its nothing unusual to find folks up here."

And not the folks Boone wants to see in the cemetery.

He says, "we've experienced tombstones turned over, this and that"

Boone says someone overturned about 20 vases Monday morning, and knocked over some heavy headstones, in addition to what happened over the weekend.

"Upward toward a hundred or so flower vases that were on the grave plots have been removed from their place," says Boone.

According to an Aiken County Sheriff's Office incident report, vandals also draped nooses, made from lawn chair mesh, over the cemetery's entry way.

Cleaning up after the vandals translates into a never-ending expense for the volunteers who manage the cemetery.

"We don't have a lot of income to keep this place up," says Boone. "It's done strictly by contributions."

Local churches chip in every month to keep the place running, and while deputies ride through from time to time, Boone says it hasn't been enough.

"What we're hoping for is to get some more night surveillance done," says Boone.

He hopes maybe that could be the missing piece, that will help those buried here rest in peace.

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