Day two preps for icy bridges and roads

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News 12 First at Five / Wednesday, January 29, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) --Tuesday night's serene snowfall, will turn into a treacherous sheet of ice.

Mom and Daughter, Valarie and Arisha Davis, are playing it safe today, traveling by foot.

"Last night when the sleet started falling, it made it pretty dangerous, we were sort of slippery and sliding," said the two.

They live just down from the wheeler road bridge at 520.

"There was no sand on the road or salt," said Valarie

That's until earlier this morning, when crews hit those bridges, trying to cleanup the mess that already hit the ground.

For first responders over at Gold Cross EMS, safety in the snow is at the forefront.

"Crews have done a fine job navigating the bridges," said Matt Paynter with Gold Cross EMS.

Almost a dozen of Paynter's ambulances come equipped to fight the elements.

"Our vehicles have chains on the wheels for the worst weather," he said. "They know that they ice up and so they take precautions."

Especially crossing bridges where the roads already have a thick layer of ice.

"Keeping a nice constant slow pace and not hitting your breaks are all things that we've employed here," he said.

Paynter says the last day has been eerily quiet. Something he wasn't expecting.

"We haven't been overwhelmed with calls and I think because a lot of people are just staying inside," said Paynter.

Folks like the Davis's, who'd rather take in the sights and slow things down a little bit, to enjoy what's left of the wintry mix.

"There's snow on trees and beautiful homes," she said. "That's the best part of being in the south, when it snows."

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