DUI numbers dropping, prices for DUI's increasing

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News 12 at 11 O'clock / Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Augusta, Ga. (WRDW) -- Crank it up and put the pedal to the metal...

Now, this isn't exactly like a drunken night on a busy roadway, but with these drunk goggles, you clearly see how little it takes to get you in big trouble.

"I'm already starting to get a headache because I feel like I'm seeing like four mailboxes," said News 12's Patrick Price.

After a few quick laps around the neighorhood, we were ready to see exactly what you could be facing, if arrested for DUI.

"If you make high risk choices in anything, there's going to be bad consequences," said Hudson Bell with Bells DUI School.

For the last 23 years, Bell has turned those consequences into learning lessons.

"20 hours of classroom, everything for DUI school is inside the classroom," he said.

And after a DUI, it's where you come to regain some of what you've lost...

"Rides to and from, you've got to basically change your whole lifestyle," said Bell.

But now, a fresh life is costing you more.

"It was 292 and as of July first, it went to 355," he said.

Add that to what you already have to pay, and you're looking at a long list that includes blood alcohol test fines, your impounded car, lawyer and legal fees, auto insurance increases, possible damages if there was an accident, and drivers liscence reinstatements.

"If you go through it, it's about six thousand to 6,500 dollars," said Bell.

Also, if you live in Georgia and want your license back, you're required to pay more than a thousand dollars to put a Ignition Interlock device in your car. If you blow and have had any alcohol, the car won't even start.

It's the final step after getting a DUI, but early on, Bell tries to ease his student's worry with encouragement.

"Write an L up there and I'll put an E at the end and everybody says they want to get their liscence back and I change it and change it to life," he said.

A life with a second chance.