Cyber Command School Headquarters opens at Fort Gordon

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News 12 First at Five/ August 4, 2014

Fort Gordon Cyber Command Center (WRDW-TV)

FORT GORDON (WRDW) -- Fort Gordon is one step closer to becoming the headquarters for Cyber Command. Monday, the Army put two new commandants in place on post and cut the ribbon on the new Cyber School Headquarters building.

Colonel Thomas Pugh became the new Signal Commandant and Colonel Jennifer Buckner became the first ever Cyber Commandant.

"It is new, and this collective aspect is new, so we're kind of all learning together going forward," Colonel Buckner said.

The two will be responsible for helping lead the post during a time of great change. They will share some of the responsibilities of outgoing Maj. General LaWarren Patterson who helped lay the groundwork.

Leaders unveiled the new sign to the Cyber School Headquarters building. They also cut a ribbon to the entrance. It's more than just a symbolic gesture though. About 50 soldiers are already on post, laying the groundwork for the new command center.

"We have just a couple of people here as part of the Cyber School, so we'll continue to take advantage of the existing training, and now we'll start to build up some new capabilities," Colonel Buckner said.

Thousands of troops will pass through Fort Gordon to learn how to become a new type of warrior: a cyber warrior. They'll work to protect our country from unseen threats online and beyond.

Colonel Buckner says in the next six to 12 months, we can expect to see the Cyber Center of Excellence start to come to life. That will mean a lot of leaders heading to Fort Gordon and some roles changing.

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