Customers: If my gun isn't welcome to restaurant, neither is my money

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News 12 11pm / Sunday, May 18, 2014

Augusta, Ga. (WRDW) --Thanks, but no thanks. That's the message some gun owners sent to an Augusta restaurant after their guns weren't welcome. News 12 is on your side and breaks down the new Georgia gun law and how some got the local business to change their position.

A new Georgia law gives bars, churches, and schools the right to choose if guns can come in or not, and when one business said no, opponents spoke out on Facebook.

Guns. It's protection some feel is needed just about everywhere these days.

"I come up and see a sign on your door that says you don't allow weapons, I'm going to honor your sign, but then I'm also not going to come into your establishment," that's how Jennifer Seymour feels about a no gun rule that was recently reversed by T-Bonz steakhouse.

"It's a matter of that it's not convenient for me to take my gun off to come in an eat, so I'm not going to do that," she told News 12, as she loaded her gun up.

Some took it a step further and wrote on Facebook how they weren't coming back either. Seymour didn't chime in on social media, but did email T-Bonz Steakhouse.

"They also sent me a personal email back saying that they had taken the sign down and re-thought things," she told News 12.

The restaurant's Facebook page says the sign was meant for irresponsible gun owners, but then realized a sign wouldn't really stop careless carriers.

A new Georgia gun law now gives churches, schools, restaurants, and bars, the choice to welcome guns or not. Something even second amendment supporters say might be crossing the line.

"I would say not in a bar. That's got to go," said Chris Haywood. A retired 22 year Army vet.

Haywood says everyone has a right to carry, if they aren't drinking.

"Guns and alcohol just don't mix," he told News 12.

Even Seymour thinks that's right. That's why when she and her gun went back to T-Bonz she only had a coke.

"We went and ate their Saturday night and had a very good meal." she told News 12.

Just like businesses, churches and schools get to decide if they will allow guns on their property.

Richmond County Schools will soon post signs on school buildings and stadiums not allowing guns on campus. Columbia County tells News 12 they plan to keep their current rule and only allow armed officers in the school. Burke County says they will not allow teachers to carry guns.

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