Crossing the finish line at Tri My Best Triathlon

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Krystle Garnder is 24 years old, uses a wheelchair and was born with cerebral palsy. At the Tri My Best event, Krystle was able to run, ride and swim along with everyone else.

"It gives her a chance to participate with other adults, kids and feel like she's accomplishing something," said Dawne Byrd.

A big feat for Krystle and 70 others who came to the Wilson YMCA to prove what they can do. For Krystle, these kinds of events help her overcome her disability and keep her on the move.

"She has to practice to get to here, and she has to ride the bicycle, and it's all forms of exercise so it keeps her active and keeps her going," said Byrd.

The Tri My Best event gave the opportunity for a child with any type of developmental or physical disability the chance to be triathlete. Special bikes were brought in so they could ride, kids who can't walk were able to take steps and race to see who's the fastest swimmer. All the components of a real triathlon.

"They have to get themselves across the finish line, whether it be walking or with their wheelchair," Byrd said.

Once they cross that finish line, they're met with cheers.

"Kids in the United States are becoming more and more sedentary in their lifestyle," said physical therapist, Dr. Judi Bierman.

These kids are not sitting around. Whether they roll, ride or run, they're overcoming their circumstances, and accomplishing something most people don't.

"It gives them an opportunity to succeed and to complete a triathlon, that many of their able body peers have not ever done," Dr. Bierman said.

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