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Crews clean up after trees crash-land into two Martinez homes

Augusta storm damage
Trees fell into homes in Martinez during Wednesday night's storms.

News 12 at 6 o'clock / Thursday June 16, 2011

MARTINEZ, Ga.---With winds hitting 60 miles per hour, uprooted trees have been the biggest problem in most counties.

Two homeowners in Martinez had quite an interesting night, when two trees came crashing through their homes.

"They were really blowing down here, and they were just waving back and forth," Charles Sganga describes the winds that rocked his neighborhood about 9 o'clock Wednesday night.

"We came out on the back porch and the trees were really swaying back and forth, you could hear limbs breaking right and left. We came inside and not a few seconds after that we heard a big thud," says Sganga.

That thud...was a tree, crashing through his next door neighbor's home. The homeowner snapped some video in the daylight.

"I feel bad for them. They've only been in the house less than a year," says Sganga.

The massive tree nearly split the roof in half, causing plenty of damage when the rain moved in.

"It was from the front to the back and it was 6 to 8 feet across, all the way across the house and the rain came all the way down it was down on the first floor before the storm was even half over," explains Sganga.

About a mile down the road, Darryl Miller describes the frantic phone call he got from his wife. "She was a little hysterical, nervous, crackly on the phone. She said, there is tree through the house, you need to come home," says Miller.

The tree crash landed in the couple's bedroom.

"Just couldn't believe it. She said it felt like a boulder had hit the house, the whole house shook," adds Miller.

Crews brought in a 60-ton crane to get the trees out.

"Whatever you need to do to get it out, lets do it," exclaims Miller.

And the winds didn't just wreck havoc on trees, an Evans fruit stand also took a hit. The tent is left crippled and fruit litters the ground.

In Grovetown, the wind ripped shingles off the roof of an Urgent MD.

It was a stormy night that caught many off guard. "Have you ever seen anything like that?" Asks reporter Katie Beasley. "No, not on a house like this, no," answers Sganga.

The good news is no injuries have been reported in all of this so far. Which is really is a miracle considering those winds.

It was also a busy day for tree removal teams. Big Dog, the company we tagged along with had several crews out in the area and were lined up most of the day.

On top of the tree damage, both homeowners also have water damage. One estimates the total price-tag will be somewhere between $25,000 to $30,000 dollar fix.