Keeping the streets safe to drive in bad weather

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Monday, Jan. 27th, 2014

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(WRDW) -- Ice and snow is on it's way and it's a good idea to stay off the roads. Crews have been working all day to prepare the roadways.

"We just don't want to get caught off guard last minute," said Tim Holloway, the Columbia County roads and bridges manager.

Crews are working around the clock prepping trucks, spreading rocks, and stock piling salt to keep the roads safe.

"Especially in this area with the heavy traffic running through the CSRA its a must for us to be prepared," Rodney Way, the Georgia Department of Transportation engineer said.

Two hundred Georgia Department of Transportation workers are preparing to work through the storm.

"If there's a need to push snow then we'll send the proper equipment out with our snow plows if there's a need to treat bridges we'll send out the bridges of any other areas that may need it," said Way.

Bridges and over passes freeze first and experts say drivers should always watch out for black ice.

"Once you get up on that spot of ice there's potential there to lose traction, and they're first reaction is to slam on brakes so just be careful for areas we call black ice," said Holloway.

Crews recommend staying off the roads, but if you have to drive - slow down. Also, plan ahead of time, leave early, and bring a flash light, blanket or water with you. Columbia county will keep a 24-hour watch on and off the roads.

"You can see our traffic cameras which are live shots from all out intersections and that will help us see what issues we're having out on the roads," Pam Tucker, Director of Columbia County emergency and operations said.

Crews are also asking for drivers to use extra caution when they spot them on the road.

"We ask people stay back about 100 feet so the employees will be able to spread the necessary salt on the pavement to make the roads passable," Way said.

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