UPDATE: Credit card numbers stolen from Somewhere in Augusta

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Monday, Nov. 5, 2012

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- A popular Augusta restaurant is a victim of credit card theft and that means if you've been there, you could be a victim too.

Now, investigators say this business could be the first of many more.
There could be several hundred victims, but there is just no telling at this time.

If you've been to Somewhere in Augusta recently, you need to keep a close eye on your bank statements. This comes after someone stole credit card information from the company that processes the restaurant's credit card information.

Investigators say the restaurant is the victim here and that any business using that credit card processing company could be a target, too.

Eric Snowberger teaches future law enforcement officers how to fight crime, but in this scheme, he was one of the targets.

"It was the fraud prevention people at Wells Fargo and they say they wanted to confirm some transactions that I had made and I said, 'Uh, that doesn't sound good,'" Snowberger said.

He said, "The first transaction they named off was a denial for cash at a Publix in Naples, Fla."

News 12's Sheli Muniz asked, "When was the last time you were in Naples?"

Snowberger said, "I don't think I've ever been to Naples, Fla., as a matter of fact, you show me a map I probably couldn't show you where it is."

Somewhere in Augusta Restaurant Owner John Fiske told News 12, "Well, unfortunately, people think it's us trying to do something mischievous and that's absolutely not true."

Investigators say this could go as far back as September.

"Investigators have their work cut out for them to try to find out where this breach took place whether it's on our end or somewhere up through the processor," Fiske said.

Investigators even say they are now looking for more businesses who use the out-of-state processing company.

"This just doesn't affect us as a business, this affects our 45 employees that are trying to make a living out of this restaurant also," Fiske said.

No doubt it's a headache.

"It's very frustrating, nobody wants to see anything negative happen to their business that they work so hard to keep and protect."

You work hard to protect your identity too, but somewhere out there, hackers are working to take that away from you, no matter who you are.

"We're people just like everybody else and crime happens to us too," Snowberger said.

Investigators want to remind you to check your bank statements to see if you find anything out of the ordinary. Call your bank and they'll work with you. Also contact the Sheriff's Office where you live and report it.

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