Another lawsuit filed in Project Jackson issue

Thursday, June 26, 2014

AIKEN, S.C. (WRDW)--A lawsuit has been filed in the Aiken County court of common pleas regarding Project Jackson. The suit filed by North Augusta Riverfront company alleges that Steve Donohue "intentionally and improperly" interfered with the sale of the 45-acre stake of land where Project Jackson is expected to sit on North Augusta's riverfront.

In December, Donohue filed a lawsuit against the city of North Augusta saying that the city improperly is using the Tax Increment Financing Law to finance the $150 million project. The suit says that a 1996 finding that the area was blighted can't be used in the TIF district now.

The lawsuit filed against Donohue alleges that Donohue knowingly hindered the sale of the property along the riverfront by filing that lawsuit against the city.

The lawsuit goes on to say "defendant filed the lawsuit with the intent, purpose, and motive of halting and/or delaying Project Jackson, thereby interfering with said business relationship with Greenstone, with no realistic expectation of prevailing on the merits."