Copper, refrigerators & more stolen from several town homes

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Not one, not two, but eight vacant town homes were broken into recently in Augusta.

A report said the suspects broke into the back either busting the glass or removing door knobs and left the door wide open.

"Apparently they're doing it when everyone is asleep late late at night. About three or four nights ago around the time this happened seen two guys walking from here late at night with duffel bags," Cynthia McElroy said.

What the thieves were after in vacant homes-- copper wire.

A report shows they stole an air conditioning unit, two refrigerators, and a stove. One neighbor said she believes they stole it for some fast cash.

"Trying to get a quick dollar for whatever they need to get," McElroy said.

The dollar amount for what was stolen roughly $1,200. People sell aluminum cans and other scrap metal but it's the copper that's the big ticket item.

There are four different places where people can sell scrap metal within just a mile from each other. Campbell's Recycling website says if you want to sell anything other than aluminum cans you must be 18 years old with a valid ID. If you're trying to sell copper, you must have an HVAC or Georgia business license.

McElroy wants whoever took the appliances caught. She said it not only damages the neighborhood but hurts the kids.

"All that money that they were going to put on the playground has to go and get put to the damages," McElroy said.

This isn't the only theft this week. Another rental property says copper was stolen from them too. The landlord of the property said damage from these thefts totaled more than $7,000.

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