Construction project shutting down Wrightsboro Road expected to take longer

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News 12 First at Five/ Thursday, Aug. 14, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- An emergency construction project that's shut down part of Wrightsboro Road in front of the Dart factory has been going on since April. Drivers have had to detour around the project for four months now, and the work still isn't finished. Neighbors along the detour route say it's causing big headaches for them.

Andy Stokes loves his quiet little home on Holden Street.

"Our street is normally like Mayberry," he said.

But, Mayberry is looking a little more like Grand Central Station now that Wrightsboro Road traffic is being detoured down once quiet back roads to Central Avenue.

"You've got a city bus every hour if not more. You've got a cement mixer maybe every 3 hours. Semi trucks that normally would be going down Wrightsboro Road," Stokes said.

Judy McQueen lives along Verdery Street, another road along the detour route.

"It's really busy...There are times when it's like zoom, zoom, zoom," she said.

A sinkhole popped up along Wrightsboro Road in April. After a few temporary fixes, engineers realized they had a much bigger problem on their hands.

"One of the city crews went out there, and they filled the sink hole in. Well, in less than a day, the hole developed back even larger," Abie Ladson, the Director of Engineering with the City of Augusta, said.

One thing led to another, and they realized the entire sewer line system underneath the road needed to be replaced.

"I'm thinking that brick sewer had to be at least 80-90 years old. At least," Ladson said.

The project is costing the city $800,000 and the detour is costing drivers and neighbors a big headache.

"I just wish it would be over, and go back to normal," McQueen said.

Everyone will have to deal with the extra traffic a little longer. The engineering department says they expect the project to take another 3 weeks.

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