Construction on Highland Avenue has neighbors upset

News 12 @ 11 o'clock/ Saturday, August 9, 2014

(WRDW) --

Construction on Highland Avenue has only been going on for a few days, but neighbors are already fed up. They say workers left the street a mess over the weekend, and now it's a safety hazard.

Leon Carpenter was not expecting road block signs to appear on his street. "The other morning when I woke up and I came down to get my newspaper, that really tore me up," Carpenter said.

Both ends of his street were blocked off for construction. "I called them up and they let me know what they were doing. But they should have let the neighborhood know," he said.

His wife, Adrena, said they had no warning. "From the city you oughta kinda know what's going on. And we had no warnings," she said.

And now they're left with a big mess. "The sewers are raised and they just could have handled it better. They could have put something on there so it wouldn't be so bad, cause it's tearing up many cars who drive down there," he said.

He says the construction debris is becoming dangerous, especially during work hours. "You can go down there and see how many people are down there and about to have a wreck," he said.

Dangerous or not his wife says it's worth it. "If it's making the city look better, I got no problem with that, so I'll take any route I need to take," she said.

But her husband says this is affecting a lot of people right now. "You got the Walton Way crowd the Wheeler Road crowd, and the Washington Road, and people trying to get to their residence on Hender Street, and to leave it like that, that's awful," he said.

There are some signs up at the beginning and the end of the construction, but neighbors who live in that area say it's not enough. News 12 has called the city to find out how long the road will be that way.

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