Incumbent John Barrow travels across 12th District to push for last-minute voters

John Barrow
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Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- It's been a heated few months in the 12th District in what's shaping up to be a fight to the finish.

John Barrow and Lee Anderson have been working hard for those last-minute votes.

News 12's Laura Warren followed Barrow's campaign all day election Tuesday, and it started bright and early.

John Barrow headed to Covenant Presbyterian Church to cast his ballot at 7 a.m. Tuesday.

Then, he hit the streets campaigning, right across the street from his opponent's headquarters in Evans.

"This is just one of the many places in the district where there are a lot of voters making their way to and from work," he said.

He was joined on the campaign trail by Augusta's former first lady, Gwen Fulcher Young, a staunch Republican, crossing over to support Barrow.

"I think it's especially important for us as Republicans to not just go with the brand, but to look at the candidate," Young told News 12's Laura Warren.

And Young isn't alone. Many self-proclaimed "die-hard Republicans" are also casting their votes for Barrow.

Ruth Walters said, "That's what I did, I voted Republican, but I voted for Barrow."

"Everywhere I go in the district, I'm encountering people who will tell me, John, I ain't voted for a Democrat since Zell Miller, or I usually vote the other way but I'm voting for you," Barrow said.

Voters from both sides of the aisle say Barrow's messages don't seem to be based on a particular party but rather on the issues.

"Like the way he feels about the guns and protecting ourselves and everything else," Walters said.

After voting and campaigning in Evans, Barrow headed to Dublin, then Statesboro and back to Augusta. He will be with friends, family and supporters watching the results at Partridge Inn in Augusta.

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