Community policing trying to bring down crime

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Friday, March 4th, 2014

Richmond CO (WRDW)- "Boom, boom, boom." That's what one man heard early Thursday morning, when someone tried to kick open his front door and broke in through the window leaving behind finger prints.

"It's very messed up because there's kids in here," the burglary victim said.

Officials say they're hoping a new push for community policing will bring down crime. Deputies walk and ride bikes through neighborhoods, trying to become faces the community recognizes.

They say it's working, especially in reducing the number of burglaries.

In the first three months of 2012, there were 849 burglaries. Since community police began in January of 2013, the number of burglaries has dropped to 409.

And the numbers are still going down, according to the sheriff's office. In January and February of this year, there have been 402 burglaries--down by more than half from 2012.

One place the sheriff's office is focusing on: the downtown business area. Jason Alamo says he's definitely felt their presence in the past couple of days.

"A couple of police walked in and asked for a specific address and contact phone number," Alamo said. "In case they saw something goofy after hours early morning that way they can call someone and say hey, the windows broken or we noticed somebody inside the metro."

Despite the recent break in the victim says he sees a police presence.

"I see them when I'm out on the porch," the victim said. "They do their job."

It isn't just burglaries.

The Sheriff's Office says crime numbers have gone down across the board--from violent to property crimes. Things like auto thefts went down from 212 in 2012 to 139 in 2014.