Community hopes for best outcome for Augusta millage rate

News 12 @ 11 o'clock / Sunday, August 24, 2014
(WRDW) -- Augusta homeowners still have a little bit of time to try to sway commissioners away from the tax hike. Monday, the commission will decide on the new millage rate. The original proposal was to raise it by 1.75 mills, but the commission voted it down last week.

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The property tax is weighing heavily on a lot of minds in Augusta. Some folks told News 12, if the increase is too high, they might have to move.

This is Becky Helinski's home, but she says it might not be for much longer. "I love it here, but if the property taxes keep going up then the government isn't going to have any property to tax. People are going to lose their homes," Helinski said.

She said it's hard enough for her to keep up with the taxes she has to pay now. She says everything has gone up in price, from gas to groceries, and she's hoping her property taxes won't follow suit. "Me making part time hours, I don't even make enough to cover the increases in taxes," she said.

Jacinta Walton is also an Augusta homeowner, she says the community needs to trust the commissions decision. "We voted those commissioners in, and they saw fit where we needed it," Walton said.

She says even though no one wants to pay more taxes, it's worth it if it will make Augusta better. So no matter the outcome tomorrow, she says she will stand behind it.

But Becky hopes it works out, without wearing out her wallet.

Commissioner Marion Williams told News 12 at this point there really isn't any choice but to raise the millage rate, it's just a matter of setting it.

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