Commissioners will decide on $2.5 million loan tonight

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Augusta Commissioners will give the final decision on a $2.5 loan tonight. The city's Housing and Community Development Department wants the money to continue work on Laney walker revitalization efforts.

Augusta Commission - Augusta seal with skyline

"I'm not in favor of just throwing money and allowing people to do what they want," said Commissioner Grady Smith.

Commissioners Smith and Marion Williams have concerns about a $2.5 million dollar loan. Eight million dollars used so far and HCD Director Chester Wheeler has been paying around $45,000 a month to consultants.

"We gotta make sure the project continues. We don't want to stop it. Can we get in house people to do the marketing," said Commissioner Marion Williams.

HCD Officials say all the homes that were built are sold. We're told some of the money would be used to build more houses and buy dilapidated properties.

People who've already bought homes in the area believe its the perfect public private partnership. Augusta Commissioners are set to vote tonight.

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